Balanced Riding * 2 simple steps you do and in 5 minutes you are in Balance


Do You ride in fear? Most people when they ride have an Instinctual fear problem they need to fix. Your toes go down and usually you grab or cling to the horn or saddle and you sit forward or upright because that is what you see everyone else do.

You are not in total balance when you do any of these things. Let us teach you what to do and in 5 minutes you can be riding like you were born on a horse!



Once you are told what is happening to you when you ride a horse, you can correct the 2 problems that stop you from being successful. The 2 problems are: we have to fix our instincts which is done with our feet and we have to OBEY the Law of Physics which instanteously puts us into balance in the saddle. It only takes 5 minutes!

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