Knowledge-How Facts lead us to the truth


How do I get knowledge that helps me ride a horse? Most of us get our information from watching others. Either from a movie or we go to a horse show or rodeo or maybe a neighbor that lives nearby has a horse and is glad to show us. The problem with this type of knowledge is that the majority of it is based on a passed down theory of how we are supposed to ride a horse. You might ask, well what's wrong with that?


We had this same type of problem about training horses until about the 1990's. That's when suddenly there was a new way to train a horse in the round pen. Most people scoffed at this in the beginning, but now it has taken hold on a great part of the horseback world. Natural Horsemanship or Resisitance Free training or Round Pen Reasoning, whatever you might know it by, means a better way to train a horse than the old days when a 2x4 might have been used for an "attitude adjustment". Another theory which has been cast off, the attidude adjustment!


So that gives us an idea of how training a horse was and is becoming with new KNOWLEDGE! So what about riding a horse. Well that subject has the same kind of set patterns that most people follow and yet, it drives away most of the people that want to ride because it's a difficult process. Approximately 70-80% of the people that start riding horses give it up within the 1st year because they just can't do it comfortably and FEAR has become too great of a burden to bear so they quit.


Maybe it's time we woke up and faced the truth!



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