Physics-do I really understand it

The Law

Surely I understand the Law of Physics, you might be saying to yourself. Truly though, at least when we ride a horse, the majority of people have no clue what is happening to them or that the law of physics has anything to do with it.


So what does the law of physics have to do with riding a horse?


No matter what you do in life, including riding a horse, the law of physics is involved. To simplify this law, I am going to use 2 sports without a horse to explain it so we understand it better.  The reason I like to do this, is because too many people want to argue about it when the horse is involved.


in Football

Even though the words, Law of Physics are not used generally in coaching football, this sport teaches it nonetheless. The football term "Low Man Wins" is the law of physics. This sport teaches its players to get down low so they have more leverage against their opponent, because they are going towards each other to win. The players that use and perfect this technique most of the time will win their individual battle. When a player fails to use this low position, football uses the term "High Pad Level". What that means is the player is getting too high and is failing to win against the other player. The football player that usually has high pad level, is more times than not a 2nd stringer or a bench warmer. The term "Pancake Block" is also what happens when you fail to use the law playing football.

Isn't it funny the terms Football uses that are really the Law of Physics.


in Water Skiing

This sport also uses the law of physics by default, because if you don't use it you can't water ski. It's the one sport where you have no choice if you want to succeed and don't want to drown. Since water will only hold us up if we are in balance, you MUST obey the law of physics or you fail.


Water is different than land, so let's figure out how water operates using a ship. If a ship is torpedoed during wartime, it starts to list to the damaged side because its taking on water where the hole is, which means its leaning to that side. If the captain doesn't order a counterflood on the non-damaged side, the ship will roll over and capsize upside down, IN BALANCE! At that point the ship balances itself upside down and fulfills the requirement of being in balance so the water will hold it up. Now if the captain does the correct thing and floods the other side to keep the boat level, he has a decent chance of saving the ship and will remain in balance upright while repairs are made to the holes. So water is true to itself and says you must be in balance for me to assist you.


How do you water ski? Most people have at least seen a water skier, and can visualize what the skier looks like when they ski. Before the boat leaves, the boat and the skier are IN BALANCE as they bob up and down in the water while the skier gets their gear ready. When the boat captain is told to take off and introduces momentum (caused by the HORSES in the engine), the skier has to LEAN BACK opposing that momentum so they can rise and ski on top of the water. The skier has to remain leaning back to some degree the entire time they ski or they will tumble forward and wreck. This is an exact example of how the law is written: "In order to remain the same (the boat and the skier were in balance bobbing), you must do the equal and opposite effect". In essence they are in balance while the boat is pulling them because they are opposing the momentum thrust of the boat while they glide on the water. If they tried to ski upright they would fail miserably by falling into the water face first. Now how can we prove this is the law of physics and that is a true law?


Think about this question and don't cheat by reading the answer to see if you can get it.


When is the only time you would continously LEAN FORWARD while you are water skiing?


The answer:

When you are skiing backward! Most people cannot get this answer although after they are told they shake their head and say I knew that. Even though they think they knew it, they really didn't which goes to prove how difficult the law of physics can be to understand.


What the Law of Physics is saying is this, "I don't care which way you are facing (skiing forward or backwards), you must oppose the momentum or I will not help you".


When we ride a horse, this same lack of understanding quickly happens all the time!



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