Riding in Balance

Riding in Balance


Now that we have learned how to correct our instincts and how to use the Law of Physics, we should be able to ride in balance immediately. Yes that means right away, not some later date!

This should be easy for almost anyone especially for those who have had little or no previous training.

What could cause problems?


Problems & Solutions

One of the biggest problems trying to do this by yourself on a fully trained horse, is that you can't see your position. Our instincts are a hard thing to overcome for a lot of people. You might believe you are almost laying on the horses' back when in reality you haven't leaned back one inch while you trot. You might be able to get a friend to watch you and let them tell you where you are positioning yourself. You can also use a camera to take a video of you and then you can see for yourself if you are leaning back enough to fulfill the law. Remember the actual position or degree you lean back will be slightly different for every rider as well as for every horse, but should be about the 1 o'clock position on a clock (/) whenever you trot, canter or gallop.


The second problem you might have is you forget your feet. Keeping your toes up while you ride will literally fix your instincts but too often the rider forgets. It is best if you just walk around on your horse until you have practiced lifting your toes. Since you don't have to worry too much about getting out of balance at a walk, it is the best time to get your toes trained to work for you and not against you. Some folks will say can I just take my feet out of the stirrups. Yes, of course you can, but lifting your toes is what re-trains your instincts. With you feet out of the stirrups that will correct trying to use them, but the toes up is the instinct fixer.



Riding a horse in balance should be easy and it is once you have the proper knowledge. Riding a horse using the standard procedures of remaining upright or centered in every gait defies the laws of physics and should be avoided if you'd like to ride well quickly. If you have the money and 1 to 2 years to devote then learning the standard way is an option, just not a very good one. Fixing your instincts is almost never suggested or fixed by the standard procedures but it should be one of the main points of emphasis. Simply put, once you obey the Law of Physics and fix your instincts with your toes, you will be a truly balanced rider when you trot and it wont take forever to do so. Riding a horse is suppose to enjoyable! The standard procedures take a lot of the fun away because you are in a constant stuggle just to maintain balance. Even after you have acheived POETIC BALANCE like a dressage rider remaining upright, you still have to work at being in balance. Using the Law of Physics, which puts you in balance for FREE and without any effort, and using your toes to FIX YOUR INSTINCTS, puts you in and helps keep you in balance with the least amount of effort and you wont hurt when you get back from the ride!


Try it! You'll like it!


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